My name is Luke Furman and I write and report on things I find important such as local news, government and entertainment.

The majority of my articles and columns on this site stem from my time interning with The Beaver County Times and my work with Ohio University’s student publication The Post.

Selected Works

Cross Country Tandem Bike http://bit.ly/2k6pLSA

Not One More Vigil Coverage http://bit.ly/2xAJU8J

Open Arts Studio http://bit.ly/2fTaJuW

Oram’s Donuts http://bit.ly/2yLIeqW

Beaver Alcohol Law http://bit.ly/2xJ9zvk

Stargazing http://bit.ly/2dtC9nd

Best of Amplified Observations

Shoegazing heaven http://bit.ly/2xAo8lP

Minecraft/Musical memories http://bit.ly/2xJOrVT

Birds http://bit.ly/2wmhED2

Music while running http://bit.ly/2kXudi7

Post-Rock in film http://bit.ly/29Wc4f0

Eastern Influence in Rock http://bit.ly/1KLVtp4


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