A Warm Welcome

My name is Luke Furman and I write and report on things I find interesting, mainly music and culture. Right now I’m in my third year of college and I’m looking to uncover some opportunities for my future, including in publishing.

Please have a look at some of my reporting, columns and blog posts in the tabs above.

When I’m not pursuing a career path, I like to write, play around with nature photography and paint. They’re all very relaxing to me.

If you’re looking for my best stuff and not just around for the deep cuts, see the stories, columns and blogs below that I consider the prime cut of my work.

Selected Works

Stargazing http://bit.ly/2dtC9nd

13th Century Bible http://bit.ly/2eo29X6

Brewery http://bit.ly/2kTV67z 

Moon Tunnel http://bit.ly/2jX41E4

Yonatan Gat http://bit.ly/2lLPyzR

Best of Amplified Observations

Dionysus http://bit.ly/2mJVEjz

Music while running http://bit.ly/2kXudi7

Searching for mystery songs http://bit.ly/2ks6M3R

Post-Rock in film http://bit.ly/29Wc4f0

Long Songs http://bit.ly/2dVhLfF 

Eastern Influence in Rock http://bit.ly/1KLVtp4


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